Angular Services 3

April 22, 2016

Been about 4 hours of Angular today which is not enough. I want to get two checkpoints done before I head out for a little fun tonight and that means...


The takeaway from this stage of my Angular journey is that services - in my app, in the form of a music player - can persist across pages, since what is a page to a user is merely another template presented by an omnipresent framework running in the background. And that same program in the background is happy to serve up a song or album information or whatever else we make available via the scope manipulations we perform.

  • fun: here I am engaged in the common usage of fun-as-socializing-with-non-computers sense as I am going to a Spin class at 5 and meeting friends for a drink at 7. However my own definition of fun is changing since I prefer coding over people, and when I am with people, I wish I was home programming. I like drinking less, because I don't code as well after I have had a drink. I might fail a Turing test soon.