JavaScript Fun

March 20, 2016

My JavaScript journey is well underway, with my personal portfolio finally going up. I poured out some Hennessey for my PHP-based site and the various PHP projects I had on there.

I am a little torn on a couple of things. I love the performance of JavaScript, and am having a blast changing HTML elements with scripting. My problem is that there appears to be a clear tradeoff between a performant use of JavaScript, especially as it pertains to images, and a pretty, user-friendly use of JavaScript.

For example, I was going to make an image carousel for my portfolio site. Wanting to avoid a simple plug-in so as to showcase my programming skills instead, I hunted around for tutorials to inspire me. What I learned was that the common carousel pattern is to load all of the carousel pictures but only make one visibile at a time. This allows for an animated transition between images.

This annoyed me because I wanted the fast loading time I had acheived through an even simpler method. I had put all of the project descriptors into objects, and each object into an array. I simply loop through the array on a click event to cycle through the screenshots of the projects - if the thumbnail ID matches the object's ID field, just change the hero image src attribute to the object's image filepath. But then it seems that all of the great CSS3 animations I wanted to use require the elements to already be present in the page (duh) to be used.

Since the portfolio is supposed to be a showcase of my abilities, I certainly want to throw in some fun animation to make my site delightful and amazing to all who behold it. I might need to instead add in some other elements to show off instead.