Picture Me Rolling

May 14, 2016

clippy Time to add some images to a Ruby project that I am working on. I have a Projects model already that has some basic content. I want to enable people to upload images and associate them with a specific project. Later on, I hope to add in permissions so only Admins can access add/change/delete, and automate thumbnails so that on the /index page, relevant pictures show up automatically.


There are three popular plugins available for Ruby on Rails: Paperclip, CarrierWave and Dragonfly.

Github Repo's
  1. Paperclip
  2. CarrierWave
  3. Dragonfly


Everyone needs ImageMagick to run. It processes images, reading and writing from all the varied image file formats in the wild.

First Steps

Get ImageMagick loaded. brew install imagemagick and you should have Homebrew.

If you also want to install GhostScript for fun PDF uploads. brew install gs.

Add gem "paperclip" to your Gemfile.

And of course, stop your Rails server, bundle and restart. Proceed if your site is not destroyed.

Paperclip (RIP Clippy)

We all miss you Clippy. Clippy

We need to add a model for our images. I'm going to use Rails scaffolding because that's what refactoring is for rails g scaffold paperclip_image --skip-assets. (Run first with the -p flag for "pretend" on the end to see what it would do).