SCSS Partials Importing with Gatsby

May 01, 2018

If you want to use a mix of inline and .scss files like me because the inline syntax is kinda verbose at times, and you miss the shorthands of .scss, well you are in luck, because I finally figured out how to import using @import. By 'I figured out' I mean I found a Stack Overflow post and took a 70 hour React tutorial that more or less set the table.

Three easy steps.

  1. Install gatsby-plugin-postcss-sass which takes a yarn add gatsby-plugin-postcss-sass and some config in the gatsby-config file
plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-postcss-sass`,
    options: {
      postCssPlugins: [],
      precision: 8,
  1. Create a src/styles directory with a main .scss file at the root importing the other files in whatever structure you see fit.
  2. Import this main .scss file into ./src/layouts/index.js - this was the tricky part for me, as I had been thinking it was going in the ./src/html.js file as you would throw this in app.js in React. That is not correct and it makes somewhat more sense to have this go in a layouts file, as it gives you more flexibility if you have multiple layouts but also just makes more sense as a logical grouping even if it is a departure from the norms of React.

Here is the Stack Overflow post that was helpful.