I wanted to play with HTML Canvas and here is a block-breaking, ground-breaking Arkanoid clone to let me achieve my dreams. Pretty amazing how there is this sort of detailed backstory involving aliens and spaceships for a game made up of elemental objects and basic 2D Newtonian physics but there it is. I appreciate the later iterations that had these power-up pills that you also had to catch that delivered guns, slowed gameplay, enabled the player to catch the ball, sped up the ball, cloned the ball into multiple balls, and expand your phallus (I mean spaceship (actually called the 'Vaus')) to make it easier to bounce the ball back.


Ruby on Rails 5.1, Plain Vanilla JavaScript, SCSS, Fun with the HTML5 Canvas


Video game, arcade game, super fun, so fun, did I mention fun


Function over form. And boy is this functional.


snarkanoid image 1 snarkanoid image 1 snarkanoid image 1